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Battlestar Galactica: Razor or How Ronald Moore can frak up just about anything  
01:58am 15/11/2007
So, I know I am getting to the party a little bit late, but I finally watched Razor tonight, and I have thoughts.

Oh oh oh….ok… so we finally, FINALLY get a canon homo up on the Battlestar, and she has to be a fucking crazy murderer? Dear Ronald Moore: I know that you get confused sometimes, but just because you have Adama give a speech at the end about how the making decisions is hard, and that no one can ever really be blamed for anything, it doesn’t automatically make that person in fact have been justified in whatever they did. Evan if they are dead sexy.

Also when, between all the gay-Cylon-lovin’/civilian murdering did Admiral Cain decide to start straightening her hair and cut herself some bangs? It seems a strange choice. I choose to belive that her hot scientist/sleeper-agent-girlfriend was always like “I like your wavy hair” and “bangs are stupid” and her hairstyle change way one more way of acting out (beyond the green-lighting of all the rape and torture) when her heart got broken.

Really Battlestar Galactica? Why do you have to play me like this? You give me 30 minutes of the most awesomely gay awesomeness ever, and then frack it all up. All these ruthless lesbians, killing all willy-nilly until men, with their morality, can come and put them in line? What?!?!

On a different note, Razor also reminded me of how much I love and miss Gina. She was so awesome and sciencey and gay, and really didn’t like Baltar all that much as all, which is great because really Six’s biggest flaw is her affinity for that emefer.

So…Things really were better before all the New Caprica stuff. That is clear. Crazy lesbians who all have to die at the end? Ronnie, I really don’t understand what goes through that head of yours! You better fix this man! All I have to say is that if season four does not include Gaeta coming out, settling down with a fine man, and having a big commitment ceremony in that stupid bar they build on the hanger deck for no reason at all, I am going to be majorly pissed.
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