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02:40am 06/12/2007
I wrote a Brooke/Sam dabble. I should have been working on my paper for my Media and Pop Culture class, but i wrote fic instead. Yes, instead of writing a paper ABOUT Popular and Gossip Girl, and how they are totally gay, I wrote fan fiction about how Popular is totally gay, which will earn me no college credit. Even when my work is what I would otherwise be doing to procrastinate, I just procrastinate by doing something slightly different, which is not required. I suck. Here it is.

Title: Requests
Prompt: Music
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: Not mine, like at all really

Brooke was watching Sam. This in itself was nothing out of the ordinary, as Brooke spent an inordinate amount of her time observing her not-step-sister (their parents had NOT gotten married, why couldn’t anyone remember that detail?). Brooke had spent the better part of the last five minutes turned half around on the couch watching Sam pretend to do her math homework, headphones on, music blasting, eyes closed, mouthing the words. Again, not unusual. What was unusual, was that when the song ended, and Sam opened her eyes, Brooke didn’t look away.
“Don’t stop.” Brooke breathed, “Do you take requests?”
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