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The Half-Sister and the Fucked Up Nit-Wit  
02:22pm 11/04/2008
Ok, granted that Lexie Grey is far from my favorite character on Grey's Anatomy (Which one is my favorite is hard to tell, as all of them were royally pissing me off as of right before the strike) but I think its fairly undeniable that this is kind of awesome. Oh "Not Another Teen Movie", its like the farther we get from my having actually watched you, the more I enjoy the idea of you... but not enough to actually watch. Really anyone who has ever graced the cover of Stuff Magazine with the massively talented, and consequently, the actress who does play my current favorite character on all of the teevees, should be given a second consideration.

What's the most crazy about this whole thing is that this was not some serendipitous internet discovery. Oh no. I went looking for this, because I remembered it. The year that movie came out was the year my Dad won a free subscription to Stuff magazine, and my freshman in high school, I-know-i'm-probably-gay-but-am-not-going-to-tell-my-boyfriend-about-that-quite-yet ass read every issue. It just took my stumbling upon the movie on cable, and thinking about how both of the girls from that movie are now on my shows, and one of them is everyones favorite fucked-up nit-wit, to get me to the Stuff Magazine archive (which are surprisingly compleat!)
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